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I Turchesi Club Village

to the magical world of I Turchesi

Welcome to those who still believe in fairy tales, those who never stop dreaming, those who think that magic can be transformed into a place and make it unique.
Welcome to those who live with sensations, to those who smell the sea, to those who see the colors of the earth and sand. Welcome to Puglia, a land full of nuances, a land where the most authentic emotions make your holiday unforgettable. Find out more

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The most beautiful moments
are those lived together

A holiday must be experienced fully by smelling, tasting, smiling and listening. Rich and unforgettable. The word Together is the key to everything. From dawn, indulge yourself with a delicious breakfast with your family and friend, sitting al fresco, enjoying a day on the beach or by the pool, in absolute peace and finally dining at dusk. You will remember those moments forever.

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A dedicated world
to your little ones. And not only.

We like to have fun here!
Surrounded by vibrant colours, parents and children gather together to enjoy the hot season.
Everything is allowed and overall you will travel with your emotions back to your childhood, when you were free to play and your life was full of joy! Have fun together with your children like never before. Observe them while they play and enjoy them! In this magical place where time seems to stop, do not rush and be free to enjoy chatting about your everyday life. By the sea, by the pool, while playing football, while your kids are having fun. they will surely look back at you and you will be there ready to smile back.

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A new place
to call home.

A large swimming pool, paths surrounded by green, the sound of cicadas, butterflies resting on colorful flowers, spacious and bright apartments with privacy. Leave your own home to find a second one here. This is the secret to enjoying a holiday in total serenity.

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Make your holiday “Tasty”

Discover our half board rate.
Live your holiday with taste and without stress.

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Puglia. A land
to be discovered.

Puglia: discover our artistic and food heritage, full of charm and history.

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